- Richter Gedeon (H)

 - Pierre Fabre Med. (F)

 - Biogal (H)

 - ICN Alkaloida (H)


 - Leo Pharmaceuticals (DK)

 - Lilly (H)

 - Bayer (D)

 - Sanofi Synthelabo (F)

 - ACC Gmbh (D)*

 - Pharmaforschung EuroConsult (D)*

 - Develco (CH)

 - Pharmavit (H)

 - Hoffman La-Roche (F)

 - Bristol Myers Syuibb (GB)

 - Mepha (CH)

 - ClinpharmSupport (CH)*

 - Prodesfarma (E)

 - HARRISON Research (D)*

 - B√©res RT. (H)

 - Pharma Bio-Research (NL)*

 - EGIS (H)

 - Pfizer (USA)

 - TEVA (Il)


   We are proud to have most major hungarian pharmaceutical compaines and often subsidiaires of multinational pharmaceutical compaines on our list of Sponsors.
   CPU and PRS has adopted a restricted business development policy, resulting in repeated orders. Most compaines listed above return for new studies. This was achieved by building up a good professional relationship with Sponsors.
   Up to now all our study reports were accepted by the Sponsors and by the registration authorities ("100% score").
   We guarantee that the results of our studies can be used for submission to registration authorities all over the world.