The development of new drugs requires continous research. Safe and effective medicine is of eminent value for society.

   The Clinical Pharmacology Unit and Pharma Research Services Ltd. were affiliated to University and are now independent scientific institutes performing small-scale, well-controlled clinical pharmacology studies.

   Our aim is to set the golden quality standard for clinical pharmacology by delivering the highest achievable quality with performing all studies in full compliance with international requirements.

   PHARMA RESEARCH SERVICES LTD. is a modern Hungarian based CRO which was affiliated with a University. Founded in 1993 it carried out clinical pharmacology studies as a CRO and jointly with CPU. It specialized in Phase I. and bioequivalence studies and covered the whole range of clinical research in all fields of medical science. Since 2018 PRS Ltd. is a consultancy CRO providing clients with advice on Clinical Pharmacology procedure. It also compiles Clinical Study Protocols, Case Report Forms, Clinical Study Reports.

   Members of PRS and CPU the experience of working under EC and FDA GCP regulations in the preparation of Protocols and Case Report Forms, execution of studies compilation of Reports (according to ICH Guidelines) and statistical evaluation by own Biometrical Unit.

   In all its undertakings PRS and CPU aims to provide its clients with personalised, responsive service, thorough investigation, reporting and maintenance of absolute confidentiality.